Port of Kalmar
Port Commerce

The Kalmar Port AB, the Kalmar Port Administration, is the port authority for the Port of Kalmar when the earlier port management merged with Kalmar Stufveri AB. Kalmar Municipality Company AB is the sole owner of the Port of Kalmar, and it provides port facilities and services. The Port of Kalmar strives to give customers affordable, reliable, and flexible service of the highest quality.

Kalmar Port AB is responsible for coordinating shipping and goods traffic in the Port of Kalmar; operating cranes and other cargo-handling equipment; providing utilities and services to customers; and developing and maintaining port infrastructure and equipment.

The Port of Kalmar receives about 700 vessels and handles about a million tons of cargo each year.

The Port of Kalmar covers about 100 hectares. Its three kilometers of wharves offer a maximum of 8 meters in depth, and the Port of Kalmar has 10 thousand square meters of warehouse space.

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