Port of Gavle
Port Commerce

The Port of Gavle (Swedish) is an important logistics center for traffic by sea, rail, and road. Their goal is to promote regional growth and development while also maintaining tight security and protecting the local environment.

The Port of Gavle’s Bulk Terminal has some small terminals are available for short-term storage. The East Quay is 570 meters long with depths from 8.7 to 8.8 meters and handles cargoes like scrap, bar-steel, sawn wood, ferro-alloys, and clays. The Southwest Quay handles clay for the paper industry, rubber clippings, and stainless scrap at a 285-meter quay with alongside depth of 7.3 meters. The South Quay is 180 meters long with alongside depth of 7.7 meters. The South Quay handles bulk cargoes like fuel chips, timber, and pellets, and it has terminal buildings for short-term storage. The ore-loading quay at the Port of Gavle’s Bulk Terminal is 120 meters long with alongside depth of 8.8 meters. The ore-loading quay has an automatic loading facility that handles Boliden Mineral’s lead and zinc ore concentrates.

The Port of Gavle’s Oil and Chemical Terminal contains two quays that handle petrol, diesel, ethanol, fuel oil, and aviation kerosene, among other cargoes. Berth 1 is 185 meters long with alongside depth of 8.8 meters, and it specializes in oil and chemicals. Berth 21, the oil quay, can accommodate ships to 200 meters long at depths of 10.1 meters. The Oil Terminal serves about 120 tankers each year. The Port of Gavle owns and maintains the 10-kilometers of pipeline network that connects the oil companies’ depots with the quay. The Port of Gavle’s Oil Terminal has storage capacity in 140 cisterns for about 950 cubic meters of cargo, and the terminal has six rock cavities that can store a total of about 750 thousand cubic meters. The Oil and Chemical Terminal at the Port of Gavle handles about 1.5 million tons of petroleum per year.

The Port of Gavle’s Container Terminal opened in 2006 with two berths of 320 meters with alongside depth of 10 meters. The Container Terminal at the Port of Gavle has capacity to handle 175 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo each year. The Port of Gavle is the third biggest container port in Sweden.

The new Combi-Terminal at the Port of Gavle is a 600-meter by 50-meter area for loading and unloading trailers and containers. The Combi-Terminal also has a newly-renovated quay with a roll-on/roll-off ramp and a large open area for combi- and roll-on/roll-off traffic.

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