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The Ahus Hamn and Stuveri AB is the port authority for the Port of Ahus. The modern Port of Ahus is one of south Sweden’s most important bulk-handling ports, with bulk cargoes accounting for about 60% of the total cargo volume. It is also the largest port for containers in southeast Sweden.

Many companies are located within the Port of Ahus’ harbor area, including The Absout Company that produces the famous vodka. Others include the Swedish Farmers’ Supply and Crop Marketing Association, Svenska Foder, Knauf Danogips, and Nordic Bulkers AB.

The Port of Ahus is located on the southwestern shores of Sweden near little more than 100 nautical miles from German’s northeastern shores. The Port of Ahus is well-placed in European transportation networks, serving as a rail feeder for the Hamburg/Bremerhaven railway route.

The approach to the Port of Ahus is through a 1.2 nautical mile channel that is 70 meters wide and 8.5 meters deep. The Port of Ahus has a total 1.6 thousand meters of quays. This includes 310 meters of berths with alongside depth of 7.1 meters, 825 meters of berths with alongside depth of 6.5 meters, and 260 meters of berths with alongside depth of 6.0 meters. The Port of Ahus can accommodate vessels to a maximum of 135 meters long.

With the container terminals and storage buildings near the wharves, vessels can expect fast and efficient loading/unloading services. The container terminal has a stacking area of 22 thousand square meters and storage capacity for three thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. Its cranes have maximum lifting capacity of 45 tons. The Bulk Terminal has an 1100 meter quay equipped with five cable cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 25 tons.

The Port of Ahus has a total of 56 thousand square meters of storage area, 51.8 thousand square meters of which is not covered. The port contains 4.2 thousand square meters of covered storage.

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