Port of Taganrog
Port Commerce

The Taganrog Port Authority manages and operates the Port of Taganrog. Among the services they provide are cargo handling, maintaining the port infrastructure, operating warehouses, handling transshipments, handling dangerous goods and other cargoes that require specialized storage, documenting and accounting for charges for port services, and managing mooring operations and vessel towing.

The approach channel to the Port of Taganrog is 4.8 meters. With 1143 meters of mooring line, the Port of Taganrog can work on seven vessels at one time. The Port of Taganrog contains over 45 thousand square meters of open storage area and almost nine thousand square meters of covered warehouse space. The port has the capability to load or unload one moorage position at a rate of from 600 to 1500 tons per day. Using two ice-breakers, the Port of Taganrog is open for year-round navigation (in ice conditions only by ships with anti-ice skin escorted by an ice-breaker).

Founded by Peter the Great as a military harbor, the Port of Taganrog is one of South Russia’s oldest seaports. It is a modern, well-equipped seaport with at-dock rail tracks and ample storage areas. The Port of Taganrog was opened to foreign vessels in 1991. Today, the Port of Taganrog accepts river-sea vessels. Its regular trading partners include the countries of Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, and Egypt as well as other Mediterranean countries and other ports on the Caspian Sea (through the Volga-Don Canal).

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