Port of Nakhodka
Port Commerce

The Joint Stock Company Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port is the port authority for the Port of Nakhodka.

The piers serve four industrial complexes in the Port of Nakhodka with storage, including covered warehouses, covering more than 300 thousand square meters. Depths at the berths range from 10 to 13 meters. The Port of Nakhodka has a total of 3.5 kilometers of wharf and 22 berths handling cargo and passengers. Seventeen cargo berths have a depth of 11 meters.

The Port of Nakhodka has capacity to berth at least 20 ships at the same time and to process more than 1500 large-capacity vessels each year. All piers in the Port of Nakhodka are multi-purpose and can handle a range of cargo types. Common cargoes include process rolled ferrous metal, equipment, cardboard, grains, foodstuffs, chemicals, logs, and cellulose.

In 1992, the new Maritime Station was opened in the Port of Nakhodka. The three-story building covers 11.1 thousand square meters and contains the passenger terminal with two berths totaling 325 meters long with alongside depth of 10 meters. The new Port of Nakhodka terminal can handle about 500 people per day. It serves the regular passenger connections with Yokohama, Hong Kong, Singapore, as well as cruise liners.

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