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JSC Arkhangelsk Sea Commercial Port is responsible for operating and managing the Port of Arkhangelsk. Today, the company is growing due to the development of the rich oil and natural gas deposits in the White and Barents Seas and the growth in Russian exporting. JSC Arkhangelsk applies state-of-the-art technology and a heartfelt commitment to world-class service to make the Port of Arkhangelsk one of the most competitive ports in Russia. The company is always working to improve port operations, enhance information technology, maintaining a highly-skilled and qualified workforce, and providing the best cargo handling services possible.

In 2007, the Port of Arkhangelsk handled 1.5 million tons of cargo that included 551.4 thousand tons of metals, 323.7 thousand tons of other cargoes, 260.6 thousand tons of containers, 115.8 thousand tons of timber goods, 107.2 thousand tons of coal, and 19.4 thousand tons of pulp and paper products.

The Port of Arkhangelsk lies on the shortest sea route from Europe to Southeast Asia, and it is a multi-purpose commercial port that handles large volumes of general cargo, pulp, lumber, metal, heavy equipment, bulk cargoes, and containers. The Port of Arkhangelsk is open for business throughout the year.

The Port of Arkhangelsk covers a total area of 97.5 hectares. The wharves extend over 3.4 kilometers. The Port of Arkhangelsk contains covered storage areas totaling over 57 thousand square meters, open paved areas of almost 373.3 thousand square meters, and warehouse areas of two thousand square meters. The berths in the Port of Arkhangelsk can accommodate vessels from 175 to 190 meters long with maximum draft of 9.2 meters.

The Port of Arkhangelsk's Ekonomiya area, located 25 kilometers from the city, operates seven berths with a total length of 1152 meters that handle containers and bulk cargoes, pulp and paper, construction materials, plywood, chemicals, timber, equipment, and fertilizers. The Ekonomiya area can accommodate vessels up to 25 thousand DWT with maximum draft of 9.5 meters. The Port of Arkhangelsk's Ekonomiya area has over 203.3 thousand square meters of open storage area and covered storage of almost 21.6 thousand square meters.

With capacity for 75 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo per year, the Ekonomiya area in Port of Arkhangelsk has the only modern container terminal in North Russia. The container terminal has two berths and an open platform of 98 thousand square meters with capacity for 5762 TEUs, including 200 refrigerated containers and as many as 2200 hazardous cargo containers. In 2008, the Port of Arkhangelsk Ekonomiya container terminal handled a total of over ten thousand TEUs, including 2851 TEUs of exports, 3433 TEUs of imports, and 4067 TEUs of coastal trade.  

The Bakaritsa area of the Port of Arkhangelsk is located on the left bank of the River Dvina about 36 nautical miles from the pilot buoy. This area specializes in Arctic-area transshipments of all types of cargo and in exports of pulp and paper, timber, plywood, scrap metal, and coal. The Port of Arkhangelsk's Bakaritsa area has more than 140 thousand square meters of open storage area and almost 35.5 thousand square meters of covered storage. The berths at the Bakaritsa area total 1793 meters, and they can accommodate vessels with maximum draft of 7.5 meters. This Port of Arkhangelsk is served by two railway stations.

The Port of Arkhangelsk's marine passenger terminal is located in the city center. In addition to serving the popular tourist route from Arkhangelsk to Solovki, the terminal serves sea and river passenger ships. The terminal houses on of the city's best restaurants with live music.

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