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The Port Autonome de Papeete (French) manages and operates the Port of Papeete. Covering an area of 534 hectares, including water surface of 460 hectares, the Port of Papeete is connected with the Pacific Ocean through a 110 meter long, 12 meter deep channel that is protected by a breakwater.

In 2007, the Port of Papeete handled over one million tons of cargo in foreign trade, including 576.5 thousand tons of dry bulk and containers, 457.9 thousand tons of liquid bulk, and almost 11 thousand tons of fish for export. In the same year, the Port of Papeete handled 803.6 thousand tons of cabotage, bringing the total cargo volume to almost 1.9 million tons. The Port of Papeete handled 69 thousand TEUs of containerized cargoes. In 2007, the Port of Papeete also welcomed 7.1 thousand international and 6.4 inter-island cruise passengers and 1.6 million inter-island passengers.

The modern Port of Papeete was established in 1962, and it covers about 74 hectares of land created from fill. This includes over 20 thousand square meters of hangars, offices, and warehouses.

The Port of Papeete contains over 2500 meters of quays, including four quays for cruise ships, three quays for cargo liners and container ships, six quays for inter-island traffic, and a quay for ferries and catamarans. The Port of Papeete also contains three oil jetties and two quays dedicated to the local fishing fleet and yachts (with capacity for 50 sailing ships). The quays for the fishing fleet are a total of 240 meters long and can accommodate about 90 large deep-sea vessels (for example, tuna boats). The Port of Papeete manages two marinas, one of the island of Tahiti and one at Moorea.

The Port of Papeete is the only international port in French Polynesia, handling over 1.9 million tons of cargo and more than 69 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo each year.

The commercial wharves of the Port of Papeete total 2500 meters. One quay of 450 meters with alongside depth of 12 meters has three berthing positions for cargo liners and container ships. The Port of Papeeteā€™s Container Terminal includes 140 thousand square meters for storage of bulk cargoes and containers.

The Port of Papeete contains six quays of a total 980 meters for inter-island vessels. Furthermore, the Moorea Quay is 100 meters long and, located near the city center, has two berthing stations for ferries.

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