Porto de Aveiro
Port Commerce

The Administracao do Porto de Aveiro, SA (APA SA) is the port authority. The APA SA was created by law in 1998. The APA SA is responsible for promoting the economic development of the Centro Region and supporting the competitive position of the Porto de Aveiro in regional, national, and international markets. Its principles are based on the satisfaction of its customers, economic profitability, environmental protection, port security, and social and institutional contributions.

In 2008, the Porto de Aveiro handled a total of 3.47 million tons of cargo, including 1.5 million tons of unitized cargo, 1.4 million tons of solid bulk, and 630 thousand tons of liquid bulk.

The Porto de Aveiro’s North Terminal (Terminal Norte) has a 900-meter wharf covering 328 square meters. The terminal contains eight warehouses, two of them devoted to cement storage and bagging. The terminal serves general and solid bulk cargoes, dominated by cement, cereal, paper, metals, wood, and clays.

The Roll-on/Roll-off Terminal at the Porto de Aveiro has a 450-meter wharf with alongside depth of 12 meters and covers 138 thousand square meters. The Liquid Bulk Terminal contains a three-bridge wharf. The facilities are dedicated to private entities that handle vinyl chloride, fuels, anilines, MDI, methanol, and wine.

The Porto de Aveiro’s South Terminal (Terminal Sul) is operated by the Socarpor company – Port Load Society (Aveiro), SA. The wharf is 400 meters long with alongside depth of 7 meters, and it covers about 47 thousand square meters. The terminal includes a shed and three warehouses, two of them for storing cement in bulk. The major cargoes handled at the South Terminal are cement, fish, salt, cereals, clay, kaolin, metals, and paper.

The Bulk Cargo Terminal at the Porto de Aveiro specializes in agro-alimentary and non-alimentary bulk. The wharf is 750 meters long with alongside depth of 12 meters, and the terminal covers an area of 150 thousand square meters.

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