Port of Port Moresby
Port Commerce

PNG Ports Corporation Limited, with the government of PNG as the sole shareholder, is the port authority for Port Moresby and all of Papua New Guinea’s ports. The National Executive Council appoints the Board and General Manager of the PNG Ports Corporation, which is responsible for managing and controlling the ports. Regulatory functions are carried out by the PNG Department of Transportation.

The wharves at Port Moresby include total berth space of about 545 meters with alongside depths from three to 7.5 meters. Berths 1 and 2, at the Port Moresby Main Wharf, are 106 and 107 meters long with alongside depth of 7.5 meters. The Coastal Wharf contains Berths 3A and 3B at 67 and 113 meters long with alongside depth of 3.8 and 4.5 meters, respectively. Berth 4A is the container berth. It is 125 meters long with alongside depth of 10.6 meters. Port Moresby also contains two barge ramps of 6 and 9 meters width and Berth 4B (25 meters long with alongside depth of 5 meters).

Port Moresby contains 11.7 thousand square meters of storage. At Port Moresby’s Main Wharf, Sheds 1, 2, and 3 cover a total of 4.7 thousand square meters. The Coastal Shed covers 650 square meters. Port Moresby also has 6.4 thousand square meters of open storage.

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