Port of Iloilo
Port Commerce

The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), Port Management Office (PMO) Iloilo, is the government corporation that funds, manages, and operates the government-owned ports in the Philippines. Their charter requires the PPA to implement an integrated port system that promotes maritime trade and helps the Philippines become an industrialized country. To do this, the PPA plans will modernize ten ports by the year 2010, upgrade port services, reduce port costs to clients, integrate environmental protection and community development into ports’ planning and operations, and provide port employees with a positive and productive working environment.

In 2007, the Port of Iloilo welcomed 20 thousand domestic vessels and 116 foreign vessels carrying a total of over 5 million tons of cargo, including 3.5 million tons of domestic cargo and 1.5 million tons of foreign cargo. Within the total, 2.8 million tons was imported goods, and 2.2 million tons was exported goods. Cargoes included 1.8 million tons of breakbulk cargo, 2.2 million tons of bulk cargo, and 1.0 million tons of containerized cargo. Government-operated ports handled over 4 million tons of cargo in 2007, and privately-operated ports handled more than 1.0 million tons. Also in 2007, the Port of Iloilo was visited by 2.5 million passenger trips, with slightly more passengers arriving than leaving.

The Port of Iloilo is Panay Island’s premier port and one of the country’s most important seaports and trade centers. The new Port of Iloilo was strategically located at a different site from the old port. The Port of Iloilo harbor is protected by Guimaras Island from storms, giving it a safe natural harbor that attracts ocean-going vessels.

The Port of Iloilo’s commercial complex occupies almost 21 hectares of reclaimed land. It has ample modern facilities and space to support efficient and effective cargo-handling. The Port of Iloilo contains 11.4 thousand square meters of open space, a 97 thousand square meter backup area, and 348 meters of railway. The Port of Iloilo also contains a 7.8 thousand square meters container freight station and a 720 square meter passenger shed. The Port of Iloilo can accommodate vessels up to 400 meters long with alongside depth of 10.5 meters and a width of 26.2 meters. The Port of Iloilo offers roll-on/roll-off ferry services. 

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