Port Sultan Qaboos
Port Commerce

Port Services Corporation (PSC) S.A.O.G is the port authority and governing body of Port Sultan Qaboos responsible for managing, maintaining, and monitoring port activities. Port Sultan Qaboos is dedicated to a development strategy that provides both current and future customers with world-class facilities and services. Ongoing investments in both equipment and facilities have made Port Sultan Qaboos a premiere port with state-of-the-art cargo-handling facilities. Recognizing the importance of cruises to the tourism industry, Port Sultan Qaboos is planning major expansions to accommodate the largest of today’s modern cruise ships with a new cruise terminal at Berth 6, a new passenger terminal, shops, restaurants, heritage centers, and recreational facilities.

In 2008, Port Sultan Qaboos handled over 13.9 million tons of cargo, including 11.6 million tons of imports and 2.3 million tons of exports. General cargo made up the largest import category (10.5 million tons), while Port Sultan Qaboos also imported cement (1.0 million tons) and livestock (35.9 thousand tons).

Port Sultan Qaboos has ten commercial berths. Berths 1 and 2 are multi-purpose berths of a combined 470 meters with 13 meters draft. These berths are served by 40-ton quayside gantry cranes, and they are supported by a bulk conveyor facility with capacity to move 500 tons per hour. Berths 1 and 2 handle containers as well as other types of cargo.

Several Port Sultan Qaboos berths are dedicated to bulk and general cargoes. Berth 3 is 228 meters long 10.9 meters draft. Berth 6 is 198 meters long with draft of 9.6 meters, and Berths 7 and 8 are a combined 366 meters long with a draft of 9.6 meters. Berth 6 also handles roll-on/roll-off and WOWO vessels. Berths 7 and 8 contain two covered sheds, each covering 3300 square meters.

Berths 4 and 5 at Port Sultan Qaboos serve the container terminal. With a combined 366 meters in length, they both have with draft of 10.9 meters. The container berths include two 35-ton capacity IHI gantries. Berth 9, handling marine craft, is 400 meters long with a draft of 4 meters. Port Sultan Qaboos’ container terminal operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the terminal has the latest equipment and information management technologies to efficiently manage containerized cargoes.

Port Sultan Qaboos contains ample storage and cargo-handling areas. The container yard storage area at yards 4 and 5 offers 1044 ground slots, and the area at Shutaify Bay has another 984 ground slots for containers. In addition, yards 4 and 5 contain 192 reefer points, and there are 120 reefer points at Shutaify Bay.

Port Sultan Qaboos contains 20.8 thousand square meters of covered sheds, including a 418 square meter marine workshop, a 1906 square meter shed for military defense, and another 1906 square meter shed for the Royal Yacht Squadron.

Port Sultan Qaboos also contains 217.9 thousand square meters of open storage area, including 50 thousand square meters at the container yard, 2400 square meters in the defense yard, 2600 square meters near the main gate, and 67.9 thousand square meters at Shutaify.

Port Sultan Qaboos has a long-standing and outstanding record handling general and project cargoes like timber, structural steel, and heavy lifts. With draft of up to 13 meters, the deep-water berths can handle bulk cargoes like grain, vegetable oil, cement, and bitumen. Further, the berths have capacity to discharge 500 tons of grain an hour. The general and bulk cargo berths have been upgraded, and a new purpose-built container freight station and warehouse has been added that will accommodate a diverse set of cargoes. The port’s outstanding performance has attracted all major vehicle manufacturers, and the facility handles more than 55 thousand units each year.

Cruise liners are regular customers at Port Sultan Qaboos. With expectations for continued growth in tourist and cruise traffic, Port Sultan Qaboos plans to expand its cruise facilities.

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