Port of Tromso
Port Commerce

Tromso Havn KF is the port authority for the Port of Tromso (Norwegian). A self-financed municipal enterprise, Tromso Havn KF administers and regulates the port district and provides the infrastructure for shipping and passenger traffic. They are responsible for planning and constructing port facilities and for helping ships enter and leave the port.

The Port of Tromso is a popular port of call for cruise ships traveling the Arctic Circle, and it is Norway’s sixth most popular cruise destination. Cruising is important to the local economy and an important focus for the Port of Tromso.

The Port of Tromso is well-positioned to support current and future oil industry efforts in the Barents Sea, and it is fully-equipped to provide that support. With excellent security, ample terminal space, and well-developed infrastructure, many international companies are choosing the Port of Tromso for their oil and gas operations in Arctic regions.

The Port of Tromso has a long tradition of fishing, and many of the city’s businesses support both national and international fishing fleets. The Port of Tromso is also a busy cargo-handling port. Specializing in general cargo, several major companies have branches in the Port of Tromso. In the third quarter of 2008, the Port of Tromso handled over 243 thousand tons of cargo, including more than 220 thousand tons of domestic cargo.

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