Port of Sandnes
Port Commerce

Sandnes Havn KF is a municipal enterprise and the port authority for the Port of Sandnes (Norwegian). The Sandnes Havn operates the public port and supervises the entire port area.

The modern industrial Port of Sandnes serves a rich agricultural region and a growing industrial area, with a big business and industrial park located minutes away from the port. The port is also a hub for traffic in the county of Rogaland. The Southern Norway Railway is a close neighbor to the Port of Sandnes, and the Stavanger Airport is only 11 kilometers away.

Sandnes Havneterminal AS works with other port users to operate terminal services in the Port of Sandnes. The port is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a sheltered, ice-free port, the Port of Sandnes has little tidal impact, with a maximum tide difference of 50 centimeters.

The Port of Sandnes covers about 47 thousand square meters and has capacity of 7.4 thousand square meters for indoor storage. The Port of Sandnes has a total of 633 meters of quays with alongside depth of 8 meters. It contains three modern roll-on/roll-off ramps.

Sandnes Havn KF (also known as Sandnes Municipal Harbour) owns the visitors’ marina in the Port of Sandnes, but the Lura Boat Club administers the marina.

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