Port of Drammen
Port Commerce

The Port of Drammen Authority is a non-profit harbor authority created in 1735 to operate the Port of Drammen. Located at the mouth of the Drammen River at the north end of the Drammen Fjord, the Port of Drammen is a freshwater port.

Vessels approach the Port of Drammen through the Svelvik Sound and the Drammen Fjord. The Svelvik is 100 meters wide with a depth of 11 meters. The Port of Drammen does not experience much tidal effect.

The quays at the Port of Drammen are a total 1870 meters long. The Port of Drammen also has 16 private industrial quays that pay port dues to the port authority. Of the total 1.6 million tons of cargo handled at the Port of Drammen every year, about one million tons is handled on the private quays. The port has four roll-on/roll-off quays with depts. of 7, 9, and 10 meters. The Port of Drammen contains two oil tanker terminals and one private terminal for liquefied gas.

The port also has one mobile container crane with capacity for 100 tons. It has three quayside cranes of which two can handle 23 tons and one can handle 50 tons.

The Port of Drammen contains a large ship repair facility on the west shores of the Drammen Fjord. The shipyard can dry dock vessels to 10 thousand DWT, and it has two floating dry docks and shops for fabrication and assembly.

The Port of Drammen contains 24 thousand square meters of warehouse space that includes 5.6 thousand square meters of temperature-controlled stores. The Port of Drammen also as 200 thousand square meters of open storage and storage for 10 thousand cars, including two thousand garage spaces.

In the third quarter of 2008, the Port of Drammen handled a total of 810.5 thousand tons of cargo, including 407.3 thousand tons of foreign cargoes and 401.2 thousand tons of domestic cargoes.

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