Port of Borg
Port Commerce

Borg Havn IKS is the port authority responsible for operating the Port of Borg. The Port of Borg is blessed with far-reaching capacity and logistic efficiency. With deep-water quays, state-of-the-art equipment, a favorable climate, and proximity to the nation’s highway system and to Sweden, the Port of Borg offers quality and timely 24-hour service.

There are two entry passages to the Port of Borg that meet in Fredrikstad. Large vessels use the eastern approach from Vidgrunn (called Glomma). The route is marked by buoys and lights. The journey from Vidgrunn is 12 nautical miles to Fredrikstad (at a depth of 10.5 meters) and 19 nautical miles to Sarpsborg (at a depth of 7.3 meters).

The western approach contains two moveable bridges at Port of Borg in Fredrikstad. The first bridge has a free-sailing height of 9 meters. The second, a footbridge, has a free-sailing height of 5.65 meters. The bridges have fixed opening times for yachts during the summer. Marked with illuminated buoys and lights, the journey from Stromtangen to Fredrikstad is six nautical miles, with a maximum depth of 5 meters.

In the third quarter of 2008, the Port of Borg handled a total of 705.9 thousand tons of cargo. The Port of Borg handled 440.2 thousand tons of foreign cargo and 265.7 thousand tons of domestic cargo.

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