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The Bergen og Omland Havensesen is the port authority for the Port of Bergen. Many municipalities and Hordaland county are represented on this inter-municipal company managed by a harbor council and a harbor board. The havensesen coordinates public harbor operations and attends to all administrative and management tasks related to the harbor or to waters under the Norwegian Harbor Act, including implementing harbor regulations. The port authority also plans, constructs, and maintains public port facilities in the harbor.

In 2007, the Port of Bergen handled a total of 95.4 million tons of cargo, including 66.6 million tons of exports and 28.8 million tons of imports. Of that total, the Port of Bergen handled 44.9 million tons of liquid bulk cargoes, including 35.7 million tons of exported liquid bulk. The Port of Bergen handled 2.4 million tons of dry bulk cargoes, including 1.8 million tons of exports and 1.2 million tons of imports. The port handled 582.3 tons of containerized cargoes, including 558.3 thousand tons of exports. Loose cargoes of 122 million tons included 6.4 million tons of exports. Outgoing ferries carried 13.6 million tons of cargo. Incoming fishing vessels brought 538.6 thousand tons of cargo to the Port of Bergen. Offshore boring, searching, and supplies accounted for 9.6 million tons of cargo.

The Port of Bergen is proud of its reputation as the cleanest harbor in Norway, and it is equally pleased with its quality and timely services. With the Gulf Stream flowing near the Port of Bergen, the harbor is ice-free through the winter, and it is protected from tidal fluctuations. The public wharves contain about 50 thousand square meters of storage rooms we well as cooling and freezing facilities. The public wharves are a total of about 5500 meters long with alongside depth of 10.7 meters.

The Port of Bergen is a large-capacity cruise port and a gateway to the Norway’s fjords. It also has a regular ferry route with Denmark. Passengers who visit the Port of Bergen will enjoy its quiet beautiful natural atmosphere. They will find short summer nights and long days in the summer, with as much as 16 hours of daylight. The Port of Bergen offers about 80 approved guides speaking 10 languages.

In 2007, the Port of Bergen handled almost 95.4 million tons of cargo on 26.2 thousand vessels. Of the total cargo volume, 28.8 million tons were incoming, and 66.6 million tons were exports. About 80% of the cargo was domestic.

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