Port of Moerdijk
Port Commerce

The Moerdijk Port Authority (MPA) administers the 2600 hectares that make up the Port of Moerdijk. Of the total area, 1200 hectares are part of the port and an industrial complex. The Moerdijk Port Authority provides executive and advisory services to develop, construct, and manage the Port of Moerdijk and the industrial complex. The MPA seeks to manage the Port of Moerdijk to function financially independently and benefit the economy of the province. The Port of Moerdijk and industrial complex employ about eight thousand people, and a similar number of people are employed indirectly as a result of the port. Further, the MPA has a goal of increasing transshipments from 10 to 20 million tons by the year 2010.

Ocean-going vessels can reach the Port of Moerdijk in about 3.5 hours traveling from the North Sea on inland waterways through the Port of Rotterdam that have no locks. Vessels up to 201 meters long and 32 meters wide with a draft of up to 8.4 meters and height to 45 meters can reach the Port of Moerdijk.

The Port of Moerdijk, with the industrial complex, is a multi-purpose port. It handles transshipments of general cargo, bulk, containers, and neo-bulk (shipments of units of a single commodity, such as glass, construction materials, timber, or sand and gravels). The Port of Moerdijk offers a total of five kilometers of quays and depths of 8.9 meters in the central harbor and 8.4 in other harbor basins. It has connections with other European trade centers by road, rail, and inland navigation.

About 400 companies occupy the Port of Moerdijk and industrial complex. They include trading, industrial, and commercial service companies as well as port operators and logistical service providers.

In addition to being located in inland canals between Rotterdam and Antwerp, the Port of Moerdijk is an important point on the Rhine, Maas, and Scheldt rivers. The Port of Moerdijk and the industrial complex are connected by railways that serve the Netherlands and Europe. While there are several companies that operate their own rail connections and platforms, the Port of Moerdijk contains two public railway terminals. The Port of Moerdijk is connected by pipeline to the ports of Rotterdam, Zeeland, and Antwerp, which are also connected with most of Europe’s major industrial centers. The Port of Moerdijk is also connected to the nation’s highway network, making it easily accessible.

The Port of Moerdijk is an industrial port. Industries are clustered in the industrial complex so that they can collaborate and cooperate. The industrial complex at the Port of Moerdijk includes clusters of chemical, energy, transport and storage, logistics and distribution, wholesale, metals, and agribulk companies.

The Port of Moerdijk contains five harbors/basins. The Zuid Hollandsch Diep Harbour is six thousand meters long and from 150 to 550 meters wide with depths from 78 to 84 meters. The Roode Vaart Harbour is 1100 meters long and 240 meters wide with depths from 35 to 84 meters. The Central Harbour is 1850 meters long, 240 meters wide, and 89 meters deep. The side arm is 1115 meters long and 154 meters wide with a dept of 84 meters. Finally, the Western Harbour is 1900 meters long and 240 meters wide with a depth of 84 meters.

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