Puerto de Mazatlan
Port Commerce

The Administración Portuaria Integral (API) de Mazatlan S.A de C.V. is the port authority for the Puerto de Mazatlán. API Mazatlán seeks to make the Puerto de Mazatlán a leader in maritime trade and logistical and industrial business to support both national and regional development while also protecting the ecological environment. 

In 2008, the Puerto de Mazatlán handled over 93 million tons of foreign cargo, including about 57 million tons of imports and 36 million tons of exports. In the same year, the Puerto de Mazatlán handled over 163 million tons of cabotage.

The access channel to the Puerto de Mazatlán is 2500 meters long and 12 meters deep. The turning basin is 500 meters in diameter with a depth of 10 meters. With a total of 1426 meters of wharves, the Puerto de Mazatlán can support vessels to 300 meters in length. Two docks support fishing boats with 471 meters of berthing space at depths of four and eight meters. Four docks handle containers, automobiles, and passengers with berths of a total length of 826 meters and alongside depths from 8.5 to 10.5 meters. The Pemex oil company operates a 90-meter long dock with one berthing station for handling fluid cargoes, and Sematur operates a general cargo dock of 80 meters with two berthing positions.

The Puerto de Mazatlán contains five warehouses covering a total of almost 15 thousand square meters to store general loose goods. It also contains five open yards. Two yards of a total 26.5 thousand square meters handle automobiles. Two consolidation yards cover a total 23.3 thousand square meters, and a consolidation yard for general cargo and containers cover 18 thousand square meters. The Puerto de Mazatlán also has a cold shed of 90.8 thousand square meters with capacity to store 6.3 tons of perishable cargo.

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