Puerto de Altamira
Port Commerce

The port authority for the Port of Altamira is the Administracion Portuaria Integral (API), a semi-government management group.

The industrial Port of Altamira is growing quickly and, as the deep-water port closest to the United States, it holds a critically important strategic position for implementing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as well as other free trade agreements between Mexico, the European Union, and many Latin American countries.

The Port of Altamira has used privatization to build double-digit growth rates in the volume of cargo in handles each year. In 2008, the Port of Altamira supported 1363 commercial cargo vessel calls carrying over 13.3 million tons of cargo.

Cargo volume included 4.7 million tons of petroleum and petroleum products, 4.5 million tons of mineral bulk cargoes, and 3.8 million tons of containerized cargo.

The Port of Altamira handled over 431 thousand TEUs of containerized cargoes, including 225.3 thousand TEUs of exports and 205.9 thousand TEUs of imports. The Port of Altamira also handled 2.5 thousand vehicles, 2.3 thousand of them exports.

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