Port of Casablanca
Port Commerce

The Office d'Exploitation des Ports (ODEP) is the port authority for Port of Casablanca and all of Morocco’s ports. In 2007, the Port of Casablanca handled over 700 thousand TEUs and 14.9 million tons of containerized cargo, representing a 16% increase over 2006.

The Port of Casablanca’s Container Terminal is 600 meters long with alongside depth of 12 meters. It includes a footbridge for roll-on/roll-off cargoes with capacity for 100 tons. The grounds of the container terminal contain 69 hectares for container storage and 300 electrical connections for refrigerator containers. The terminal is equipped with two mobile cranes with 100-ton and 150-ton capacity, six 40-ton gantry cranes, and many heavy-duty straddle loaders, tractors, and elevators.

The Roll-on/Roll-off terminal has two footbridges, each with capacity for 100 tons. With alongside depth of 8.2 meters, the ro-ro terminal includes eight hectares of storage surface. The main cargoes handled include trailers and vehicles.

The general cargo terminal contains 1500 meters of quay with alongside depths ranging from 9 to 10.5 meters and 12 berths. The terminal covers 60 thousand square meters and includes 14 thousand square meters of storage surface. Fully equipped with cargo-handling equipment, the general cargo terminal handles cereals, iron and steel products, wood and wood products, cattle feed, and oil seeds.

The Ore Tanker Terminal has 390 meters of quay with alongside depths from 9.15 to 10.5 meters, and it covers 2.5 hectares to handle coal and armaments.

The Port of Casablanca enjoys intermodal connections with its hinterland. It is connected to Morocco’s main cities by highway and railway.

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