Port of Agadir
Port Commerce

The Port of Agadir is Morocco’s main fishing port and fourth busiest commercial port. The city has several canned food and frozen fish factories. The Societe D'Exploitation des Ports (SODEP) is the port authority responsible for managing and operating the Port of Agadir.

The Port of Agadir is the main gateway and point of export for goods from south Morocco. With facilities for general and specialized cargoes, particularly chilled and frozen items like citrus fruit and fish), the Port of Agadir is experiencing tremendous growth in the volume of containerized cargo it handles. In 2007, the Port of Agadir handled over 2.6 million tons of cargo, including almost 750 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo.

The Port of Agadir contains a total of 1334 meters of quay at depths between 8 and 15 meters. The Port of Agadir covers about 68 hectares.

The East Quay contains three berths and facilities for roll-on/roll-off cargoes. The quay is 510 meters long with alongside depth of 10.5 meters. The roll-on/roll-off station is 160 meters long. Equipped with one 45-ton crane, 40 elevators, three loaders, and seven six-ton cranes on rails, the Port of Agadir’s East Quay handles cargoes that include citrus fruits, coal, wood and wood products, and steamers.

The Container Quay has two berths at a total of 280 meters alongside depth of 10.5 meters. Covering ten hectares, the container quay has two container cranes, one 42-ton and one eight-ton elevator, and three six-ton cranes on rails. In addition to containerized cargoes, the Container Quay handles citrus fruits, frozen fish, and other goods.

The Cereal and Steamers Quay is 160 meters long with alongside depth of 15 meters. It has two footbridges and special accommodations for cruise passengers.

The Western Quay is the oil tanker quay. It is 160 meters long with alongside depth of 15 meters. With four loaders and one sauterelle with capacity for 550 tons per hour, the Western Quay handles clinker cement and ores for export.

The Southern Quay is 64 meters long with alongside depth of 8 meters. Equipped with pipes and four loading arms, this tanker quay handles hydrocarbons, sulfuric acid, and edible oils.

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