Port of Pohang
Port Commerce

The Pohang Regional Maritime Affair and Fisheries Office is the port authority for the Port of Pohang.

The tidal variations in the Port of Pohang are so small as to not exist. Varying only 30 centimeters, the only constraint on shipping in the port is the prevailing westerly and north-westerly wind that frequently creates unmanageable high swells in the winter (about 50 days per year). Onboard cargo fumigation is permitted in anchorage or at berth.


There are three berths in the Port of Pohang with a total length of 620 meters. Berths No. 71 and 86 are each 190 meters long and can accommodate vessels to 30 thousand DWT. Berth 71 has alongside depth of seven meters, while Berth 86 has alongside depth of eight meters. Berth No. 73 is 240 meters long with alongside depth of nine meters, and it can accommodate vessels to 10 thousand DWT. Samil are the only stevedores who handle discharges.

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