Port of Jeju (Cheju)
Port Commerce

The Jeju Regional Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office is the port authority responsible for managing and operating the Port of Jeju and all of Cheju Island. Met with constant and growing demands for port facilities, the port authority has an ongoing plan for facility expansions and further development of the outer harbor.

In north central Cheju Island, the Port of Jeju is the tourism and logistics center for the area. With constantly-increasing volumes of ocean-going traffic, the Port of Jeju has installed the latest information technology and other management systems to assure prompt and efficient services.

The Port of Jeju covers 354 hectares of water area with a depth of about two meters and a tidal range of about 2.4 meters. The Port of Jeju is protected by a 2931-meter breakwater.

The Port of Jeju’s Quay is 1712 meters long and can accommodate up to 13 ships ranging from ten thousand to one thousand DWT. The Port of Jeju has three warehouse units of five thousand square meters with storage capacity for 9.7 thousand tons of cargo and open storage of 24.8 thousand square meters with capacity to store 37.3 thousand tons.

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