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The Donghae District Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office is the port authority responsible for managing and operating the Port of Donghae. In a strategic location on Korea’s eastern coastline on the Sea of Japan, the Port of Donghae plays a leading role in the country’s relations with North Korea and other Sea of Japan states. It is also in an excellent position to promote international maritime tourism.

The Port of Donghae is a base for the distribution of materials, industrial development, and trade. Opened in 1979, the Port of Donghae was used primarily as a transshipment point for clinker cement and limestone.

With the opening of its tourist cruise service in 1998 to Mt. Kumgang just over 100 kilometers to the northwest, the Port of Donghae developed a global reputation as a tourist destination.

When the Yeongdong expressway was finished in 2001, the Port of Donghae began to receive much of the container-based cargo traffic that had been handled by the Ports of Busan and Incheon.

The Port of Donghae covers about 135 hectares of area with over 100 hectares of water area at depths from 10 to 14 meters. The artificial harbor contains coastline of 20.7 kilometers, and the Port of Donghae experiences little effect from the tides.

The Port of Donghae is the largest trade port in eastern South Korea. It is connected to the world’s largest cement plant, Sangyong Cement Donghae Plant, and to Dongbu Hannong Chemical Ferro-Alloy Plant, the largest like it in the country. It is also adjacent to the Bykpyeong Industrial Complex, a key component in South Korea’s trade relationship with North Korea. The Port of Donghae is connected to the nation’s rail system.

Its geographic location has facilitated increasing trade with North Korea, Siberia, and the three northeast China provinces. It also has frequent trade with ports on the west coast of Japan.

Vessels of over 50 thousand tons use the Port of Donghae on a daily basis. The port offers a large outdoor storage yard and a large secured site behind the quay. The Bukpyeong Industry Complex covers 2.6 million square meters, and the Logistics Distribution Complex is 396 thousand square meters.

In 2004, the Port of Donghae handled almost 20 million tons of cargo carried by 3635 vessels. The Port of Donghae contains one quay of 2.3 thousand meters and berthing capacity for 12 ships.

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