Port of Phnom Penh
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The Phnom Penh Autonomous Port (PPAP) is the port authority for the Port of Phnom Penh. The Port Authority of Phnom Penh is controlled by two ministries: the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Ministry of Economics and Finance. The PPAP is directed by representatives of the two ministries and one for the Phnom Penh municipality and one for port employees. Under the supervision of the two ministries, the PPAP manages and operates the port and port facilities.

The Port of Phnom Penh works with many Mekong River provinces to operate the port business and distribute goods throughout Cambodia. The Port of Phnom Penh has one local terminal connected to domestic ports along the main rivers. To keep navigation open year-round, the Port of Phnom Penh maintains the access channels. The main terminal is used to both distribute imports and collect goods (primarily agricultural products) for export.

The Port of Phnom Penh provides experienced operators to handle cargo and has assigned management teams to improve productivity and manage the installation and use of new equipment.

The quay is equipped with two floating and two mobile cranes with capacity to handle up to 100 tons. The Port of Phnom Penh plans to add a fixed crane to increase capacity. The Port of Phnom Penh offers ample storage and warehousing facilities and professional staff who manage those facilities. Two new warehouses are being constructed near the port terminal to increase cargo handling and storage capacity.

In 2007, the Port of Phnom Penh handled about 45 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo, up from less than 10 thousand TEUs in 2003. The Port of Phnom Penh has increased container throughput every year.

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