Port of Toyohashi
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The Mikawa Port Authority (Japanese) is responsible for operating and managing the Port of Toyohashi. While the port began as a timber import port, it became an important port for the import and export of automobiles in the 1990s.

In 2003, over five thousand ships entered the Port of Toyohashi. This included 851 foreign ships and 4196 domestic vessels. That year, the Port of Toyohashi handled 7.6 million tons of cargo, including 3.3 million tons of foreign cargo (1.2 million of exports and 2.1 million of imports) and 4.3 million tons of domestic cargo (1.9 outgoing and 2.4 incoming).

Today, the Port of Toyohashi is a world leader, and Japan’s major automotive port. Since 1993, the Port of Toyohashi has been Japan’s busiest automobile import port. Automobiles produced by Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler, Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche move through the Port of Toyohashi each year, accounting for about half of Japan’s automobile imports.

The Jinno District is the Port of Toyohashi’s main wharf. It includes the East Zone of 96 hectares and the West Zone of 120 hectares. The district includes five public quays ranging from a quay with alongside depth of 4.5 meters for domestic trade to a quay with alongside depth of 12 meters for foreign trade. The Jinno District’s quays are a total of 3.5 thousand meters long and can accommodate vessels to 30 thousand DWT.

The Port of Toyohashi’s East Zone public quay offers huge stack yards and many warehouses and sheds to support a variety of cargoes, including motor vehicle imports and exports. The East Zone is popular for its green park.

The West Zone at the Port of Toyohashi includes a public quay and an industrial complex. Construction is underway for port facilities in this zone, including creating larger quays for foreign trade. The Toyohashi Container Terminal that started operations at Jinno No. 7 Quay in 1998. The port hopes to attract more industry and foreign companies through implementation of its reclamation plan.

The Port of Toyohashi’s Funato District handles domestic cargoes at 21 berths with alongside depths from 4 to 5.5 meters. The 4.5-meter berths are earthquake-proof, and green areas are being created at the waterline.

The 659-hectare Akemi District Land at the Port of Toyohashi’s reclaimed Osaki Island. The industrial site contains a shipbuilding yard and ironworks, and it was already a timber-industry base. The Port of Toyohashi’s Akemi Industrial Site covers about two-thirds of the total area. The industrial area is getting more automotive- and chemical-related industries. The district contains private quays for raw materials and company products.

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