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The Council for Sendai International Commercial Port Development is the port authority for the Port of Sendai. As a major distributor of goods for the Tohoku region, the Port of Sendai is connected to the region and to Tokyo through the country’s road, rail, and air.

The Port of Sendai supports many regular routes for container ships within and outside of Japan. The council has continually developed the Port of Sendai’s Tagasago Container Terminal with the latest technical innovations and facilities. As one of northeast Japan’s largest port complexes, the Port of Sendai is closer to North America and an excellent gateway for products moving through eastern Japan. Regular container shipping services extend to North America, China, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Container feeder services to Tokyo and Yokohama further increase the trade potential with Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, Africa, and South America.

In 2005, the Port of Sendai exported 57.1 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. Almost half of that was rubber products (25.7 thousand TEUs). Other container cargo groups included office machinery, pulp and paper, marine products, and marine products as well as many other cargoes.

During the same year, the Port of Sendai imported 48.3 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. Imports included lumber (6.5 thousand TEUs); fodder (4.9 thousand TEUs); marine products (4.4 thousand TEUs); foods (3.4 thousand TEUs); sports goods (2.7 thousand TEUs); furniture (2.4 thousand TEUs); dyes, paints, and plastics (2.3 thousand TEUs);  clothing and footwear (2.1 thousand TEUs); wood products (1.6 thousand TEUs); and beverages (1.6 thousand TEUs) as well as a variety of other products.

The Port of Sendai offers one of the biggest, most efficient container and breakbulk cargo centers in northeastern Japan, and the port anticipates increased use of containers and larger vessels in the future. The Port of Sendai is poised to meet those increasing demands and continue to be a competitive international port.

The Container Terminal facilities cover 201.5 thousand square meters. The quay contains two berths. One is 270 meters long with alongside depth of 12 meters, and the other is 330 meters long with alongside depth of 14 meters. The terminal has capacity for 2.2 thousand dry container TEUs and 60 reefer containers, while it has 75 electrical reefer outlets. The terminal is equipped with a fumigating house, a 1.5 thousand square meter container freight station, a maintenance shop, and a 23.6 thousand square meters chassis space. Cargo operators at the Port of Sendai’s Container Terminal are Shiogama-ko Unso and Snirku Unyu. Gates are closed Sundays and holidays.

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