Port of Sakai
Port Commerce

The Sakaiminato Port Authority is the port authority for the Port of Sakaiminato. With a geographic advantage facing the Sea of Japan and East Asia, the Port of Sakaiminato offers regular container services that will continue to grow and expand. In 2000, the Port of Sakaiminato handled over 2 million tons of imports.

The Port of Sakaiminato’s Free Access Zone integrates import-related business by providing core facilities that include:

  • processing facilities for imported goods
  • cargo-handling and –storage facilities
  • common distribution and wholesale center
  • exhibition and trade fair facilities
  • import-related information center
  • support facilities for importing procedures
  • import-related business offices
  • central cargo information management
  • direct sale shipping center

The Port of Sakaiminato is a well-established fishing port. Designated a Special Fish Port of the Third Category in 1973, the Port of Sakaiminato was the most productive fishing port in Japan for five consecutive years (1992-1996) for fish volume on landing. This performance continues today. The major species landed by the fishermen of the Port of Sakaiminato are sardine, mackerel, and saurel. The Port of Sakai is Japan’s leader in landings of snow crabs and red snow crabs that are processed and sold throughout Japan.

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