Port of Oita
Port Commerce

The Port of Oita is on the eastern side of the island of Kyushu, giving it a strategic advantage as a convenient cargo hub for Japan with easy access to both Australia and Southeast Asia. It is Kyushu’s gateway to the world. Currently, the Port of Oita is developing international container shipping facilities that will be able to accommodate vessels to 50 thousand DWT.

Over the past 30 years, the Port of Oita has grown as an industrial port, providing materials to local industry. And as a manufacturing center, the Port of Oita is the second most productive commercial port in Kyushu.

With a population of 13 million, the island of Kyushu has a GNP similar to that of Australia. With excellent container-handling facilities, the Port of Oita is expected to be a major port for cargo distribution on the island as the highway express network is completed.

The 25-hectare Ozai Container Terminal at the Port of Oita has capacity to store over 4.7 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. The terminal has two berths of 280 meters with alongside depth of 14 meters and one 170-meter long berth with alongside depth of 10 meters. The terminal operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With 56 reefer plugs, it offers large-scale cold storage for frozen and chilled cargo in a warehouse at the container yard operated by OITAC. The warehouse covers 7.3 thousand square meters in a two-story building that includes cargo-handling, storage, distribution, and processing facilities.

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