Port of Kokura
Port Commerce

The Kitakyushu Seaport and Airport Bureau is the port authority for the Port of Kokura, which is part of the Port of Kitakyushu. The Port of Kokura contains harbor facilities that include the Sunatsu Ferry Wharf, which is co-located with the JR Kokura Station and the nation's rail system. Several passenger ferry lines operate from the Port of Kokura's Sunatsu wharf, including Shikoku, Aijima, and Wumajima. Today, the Port of Kokura's quays and wharves are being maintained in anticipation of arrival of the Matsuyama line.

The Port of Kokura contains two main cargo wharves with seven berths of a total 963 meters in length. The wharf site covers 2.9 hectares, and another 1.9 hectares of harbor-related area is available.

Four of the Port of Kokura berths have alongside depth of 5.5 meters, and three have alongside depth of 9 meters. The Port of Kokura facilities include a storage shelter, boarding facilities for passengers, an 11 thousand square meter freight handling station, and 354 meters of port roads.

Today, the Port of Kokura is constructing a convention center and waterfront zone to attract business and tourists to Kitakyushu City and make it an international trade, commerce, and business center.

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