Port of Kisarazu
Port Commerce

The Port of Kisarazu has a long history as a trading and distribution center. It is a vital part of the Keiyo Coastal Industrial Zone on Tokyo Bay's eastern shore. The Port of Kisarazu continues to add new wharves to expand its industrial port role, and land and port facilities are being developed for industrial and port use to encourage increased foreign and domestic trade. Nippon Steel and an industrial park for lumber mills have recently located in the industrial districts.

In 2006, the Port of Kisarazu handled 1215 foreign trade vessels and more than 25.3 thousand domestic vessels. The Port of Kisarazu handled over 4.3 million tons of cargo in 2006, including almost 3.7 million tons of domestic cargo and over 4.3 million tons of foreign trade.

The Port of Kisarazu's public wharves are located in the inner harbor, the Kisarazu South district, and the Futtsu district. The inner harbor contains a 788 meter long lighter's wharf with alongside depth of 3 meters.

The Kisarazu South facilities are used primarily for shipping locally-produced sand. Kisarazu South has five piers wharves with 11 berths. The lighter's wharf is 721 meters long with alongside depth of 4 meters. The Port of Kisarazu's South district also contains a 288 meter wharf with four berths with alongside depth of 4.5 meters. Its 360-meter wharf also has four berths, but it has alongside depth of 5.5 meters. The 280-meter wharf has two berths and alongside depth of 7.5 meters, and the 240-meter wharf has one berth with alongside depth of 12 meters.

The Port of Kisarazu's Futtsu district contains two public wharves with six berths. Containing four berths, one wharf is 360 meters long with alongside depth of 7.5 meters. The other wharf is 260 meters long with alongside depth of 7.5 meters, and one of its two berths is earthquake resistant. The Futtsu district in the Port of Kisarazu is steadily growing as a development base for the region.

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