Port of Hachinohe
Port Commerce

The Hachinohe Port Authority (Japanese) is responsible for managing and operating the Port of Hachinohe.

Since 1994, the Port of Hachinohe has included busy domestic and international container services that operate at 48 berths. The container services operate regular routes to Yokohama (domestic), Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Australia, South America, Europe, Canada, and the United States.

The Port of Hachinohe’s Fuel Terminal supplies the local fishing fleet and U.S. military installations in Japan, Korea, and Okinawa. With seven fuel terminals with capacity to store over 11 million barrels, the Hachinohe Fuel Terminal distributed more than 310 million gallons of petroleum products in 1997.

The Port of Hachinohe is an active marine product community, having become the biggest coastal industrial city in Northern Tohoku region. In the past decades, new port facilities have been installed, and established facilities have been upgraded. In 1996, the Foreign Access Zone was created.

In 2001, the multi-purpose terminal for international distribution was completed. It contains 50 reefer receptacles for refrigerated cargoes. In 2001, the Hattaro Refrigerated Warehouse was also completed, furnishing the Port of Hachinohe with a temperature control and humidification system for storage of agricultural products.

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