Port of Aomori
Port Commerce

The Aomori Port Administration Office (Japanese) manages the Port of Aomori.

The Port of Aomori’s Passenger Terminal, the Shin-Chuo Wharf, is located just ten minutes by foot from the nearest rail station and 30 minutes by car from the Aomori Airport. The Shin-Chuo Wharf has two berths. One is 310 meters long with alongside depth of 10 meters, and the other is 270 meters long with alongside depth of 13 meters.

In 2007, the Port of Aomori received 12 vessel calls other than the local ferry. Seven visits were made by Japanese ships, and five visits were from foreign cruise liners.

The Port of Aomori is in a strong strategic position as a crossroads for trade between Japan with China, Russia, and Korea. It also has great potential to become a transportation hub between Asia and North America.

With the goal of developing its position as a domestic and foreign distribution port, the Port of Aomori plans to reorganize and upgrade its facilities, particularly for handling containerized cargo. It also hopes to support growing tourist traffic for the city.

In 2001, the Port of Aomori experienced a 20.5% rate of growth in the value of imports and exports through the port. The port is playing an increasingly important role in exports of rice to North Korea and exports of iron and steel scrap to both China and Korea. With the entry of Taiwan and China into the World Trade Organization, there are more opportunities for exports to those countries in the future.

While the manufacturing industry in the Port of Aomori is not strong, the area has active agricultural and marine sectors producing more and more food products. Thus, the opportunities for the Port of Aomori as an export hub are great. The port also expects increases in the export of used goods like PCs and cars.

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