Port of Abashiri
Port Commerce

The Port of Abashiri, on the Okhotsk Sea, is located in the estuary of the Abashiri River. The port was first used in 1919; however, it did not become a practical commercial harbor until 1978.

The Abashiri Port Authority is responsible for managing and operating the Port of Abashiri. Cargoes through the Port of Abashiri are those that relate to local consumption and production, particularly coastal fishing. Most recently, sight-seeing of the drift ice in winter has become a popular activity.

The Port of Abashiri is currently re-developing its urban areas, including the waterfront. The port can accommodate small vessels with an inner depth of 3.5 meters.

In 2007, foreign trade accounted for a small portion of total cargo throughput in the Port of Abashiri. Imports of 95 tons included raw wood (35 tons) and coal (46 tons), while exports included one ton of automobiles.

Local trade of 503 tons of cargo dominated activity at the Port of Abashiri. Exports of 178 tons included wheat (90 tons), heavy oil (9 tons), gravel sand (17 tons), and industrial goods (38 tons). Local imports of 325 tons included petrochemical products (122 tons), cement (57 tons), limestone (38 tons), and marine products (54 tons).

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