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The Sanremo Port Authority is responsible for managing and operating the Port of Sanremo. Located about 32 kilometers east of Monaco on the Cote d'Azur, the Port of Sanremo includes several marinas and harbors. The Port of Sanremo has modern facilities and infrastructure.

The old harbor at Porto Vecchio is a crowded beautifully Italian marina, and the old town of Sanremo contains a kaleidoscope of historic buildings from the Roman era onward. To the east is the port of Maurizio where a new marina is being constructed.

The channel entering the Port of Sanremo is about 30 meters wide and has depths from 4.9 to 6.1 meters, and the depth at the cargo pier is from 3.4 to 4.6 meters. The Port of Sanremo offers anchorage from 11 to 12.2 meters. Pilotage is not required, and the Port of Sanremo does not maintain tugs. The Port of Sanremo can accommodate vessels to 152 meters in length with maximum draft of 4.3 meters. In addition to wharves for loading and unloading cargo, the Port of Sanremo offers limited ship repair services and a small marine railroad.

The Port of Sanremo harbor is man-made, and its limits are defined by breakwaters to the east and west. The harbor is congested, and small boats may have to med moor. The inner harbor is exposed to easterly winds, and vessels may have to double-line.

The Italian Navy assigns anchorage positions in the Port of Sanremo which has two anchorage areas, each of them a little over one kilometer from the entrance (one to the west and one to the east). Anchorages are fully exposed to winds and waves that come from the east. Currents at the Port of Sanremo are weak, and tides are negligible.

The Marina Porto Sole in the Port of Sanremo offers complete marina services including chandlery and fuel. Due to crowded conditions, vessels should reserve a berth ahead of arrival. Porto Sole is one of the Mediterranean's biggest and most prestigious marinas, and it berths many mega-yachts dedicated to private luxury charters. The Port of Sanremo's Porto Sole has 804 berths that can accommodate yachts to 90 meters long. The marina offers two shipyards, a machine shop, a marine agency, a brokerage center, ship chandler, and specialized services like on-board electronics, nautical upholstery, and vessel-specialized laundry.

The Marina degli Aregai (Italian) is a smaller marina in the Port of Sanremo. It offers complete facilities including fuel, chandlery, laundry, and mini-market as well as a crane and a 50-ton travel hoist.

Located about 16 kilometers east of the Port of Sanremo, the Porto Maurizio is the newest marina facility in the family of marinas. It has complete marina services, a crane, and 40- and 100-ton travel lifts. The Porto Maurizio is protected by a new breakwater from swells.

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