Port of La Maddalena
Port Commerce

The La Maddalena Port Authority is responsible for managing and operating the Port of La Maddalena.

The principal harbor in the Port of La Maddalena is Cala Gavetta, an urban harbor with mooring for boats of tourists and fishermen. The City of La Maddalena provides services at the docks

including water, sail repair, toilets, showers, resale of ice, and mobile and stationary cranes.

The Port of La Maddalena's Porto Massimo is a private marina near the urban center that offers berths and modern services. In addition to moorings for tourists and fishermen, Cala Gavetta has a pontoon where mercantile vessels and ferries dock. It also has two jetties currently used by the Italian Navy. All piers in the Port of La Maddalena are equipped with mooring cleats and rings and water.

The Port of La Maddalena's Cala Mess serves tourists' boats. With a depth of from 2 to 3.5 meters, the Cala Mess is well-sheltered from winds, but it also has a strong undertow. Tourists can also moor at the Amendola jetty (with depts. from 4.7 to 6 meters), which is not sheltered from the wind.

Within 300 meters from the shore, all boats are prohibited from operating, and no water-skiing, fishing, or diving is allowed.

The Port of La Maddalena offers many services that include drinking water, refueling, food, ice, lubricants, flammable gases, and pilots. It handles general cargo and offers accessories for sailing and a shed for winter storage.

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