Port of Cagliari
Port Commerce

The Cagliari Port Authority is the public agency responsible for administration, funding, promotion, management, and security of the port. The Port Authority manages about 30 kilometers of coastline surrounding Cagliari’s historic and canal ports. The Port Authority maintains the common areas within the Port of Cagliari, oversees all activities related to serving the port’s customers, develops and promotes short-sea shipping and intermodal services, and promotes tourism through the port.

In 2007, over 5.5 thousand vessels anchored in the Port of Cagliari carrying 35.3 million tons of cargo and 393.8 thousand passengers. Included in the cargo passing through the Port of Cagliari were 81.7 thousand roll-on/roll-off units, 26.8 thousand tons of liquid bulk, 8.4 million tons of dry bulk, and 547.3 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo.

One of Italy’s biggest seaports and one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean, the Port of Cagliari has capacity to handle as much as 50 million tons of cargo and one million TEUs of containerized cargo per year. The Port of Cagliari is a major local employer, with over three thousand employees.

The Port of Cagliari has ample space to accommodate commercial vessels carrying conventional cargoes, bulk goods, roll-on/roll-off traffic, and containers. It also supports passenger services, fishing, yachting, and cruises.

The Port of Cagliari’s historic port contains 5800 meters of quay serving passenger ships and commercial and roll-on/roll-off cargo traffic. The canal port offers 1600 meters of quay with five berths for roll-on/roll-off cargo and transshipments. There are also berths serving the petrochemical and oil industry that can moor as many as 17 ships at once.

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