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The 1994 Harbour Law of Reform created the Harbour Authorities to control and manage Italy’s marine property. Since then, management of the harbor areas and terminal has been transferred to private interests under the oversight of the Harbour Authority. The Harbour Authority is responsible for promoting and coordinating Port of Brindisi operations, maintaining the port’s common areas, and providing security for the port.

In 2007, the Port of Brindisi handled over 10.6 million tons of cargo and about 500 thousand passengers. The dominant class of cargo was solid bulk (7.6 million tons). Other cargoes included oil liquids (1.9 million tons), liquid gas (710 thousand tons), alimentary liquid bulk (138.4 thousand tons), and general goods (129 thousand tons).

The Port of Brindisi contains three major basins: the external port, the medium port, and the inner port. The Port of Brindisi contains 21 docks with a total length of 3.7 thousand meters.

The external port covers about three million square meters of water surface and is used primarily for industrial traffic serving the chemical industries. The medium port, covering the access to the inner harbor, covers about 1.2 million square meters. The Inner Port containing most of the port facilities covers about 727 square meters.

The Inner Port contains eleven docks of a total 1925 meters long with alongside depths from 8.5 to 10 meters and containing mooring for eight ships. These docks are reserved primarily for ferries. The Frank Point Dock contains the silos with capacity for 27 thousand tons.

The middle port docks at Coast Moraine are a total of 1170 meters long with alongside depth of 14 meters. With about 300 thousand square meters of yards, these docks handle containerized cargoes and contain pipelines for the transfer of liquid cargoes. The western Coast Morraine area contains 270 meters of docks for roll-on/roll-off cargoes that can accommodate up to five ships at the same time. A new quay is being completed at Costa Morraine that is 800 meters long with alongside depth of 14 meters. The new quay includes yards of about 280 thousand square meters.

In the recent past, the Port of Brindisi has been redeveloped to add new docks and land area for serving freight and passengers. Passenger traffic is growing between Brindisi and Turkey and Greece as well as other Adriatic destinations. While the port has limited facilities for passengers, the town offers a wide range of restaurants, shops, and banks.

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