Port of Bari
Port Commerce

The Port Authority of Levanti manages and operates the Port of Bari. Located northwest of the old city, the Port of Bari is considered to be Europe's door to the Balkans and the Middle East.

The multi-purpose Port of Bari has infrastructure, facilities, and equipment for handling all types of cargoes, and it has multimodal transportation connections that make collection and distribution of commodities efficient and convenient. Identified as the western end of "Corridor 8," the Port of Bari links southern Europe to the Black Sea region through Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.

The Port of Bari's basin is about 115 hectares. It includes piers of a total 2.5 kilometers in length with alongside depth of 12.5 meters designed to handle all types of commercial traffic including containers, packaged goods, forest and steel products, and solid and liquid bulk cargoes. The piers also serve roll-on/roll-off ferries, and the docks includes stables for handling livestock imports and exports (horses and cattle) and facilities for processing and marketing Atlantic fishery catches. The Port of Bari also has facilities to serve cruise ships and passengers.

The Port of Bari has facilities for storing frozen and refrigerated goods both inside and outside the port area, and it offers facilities for the repair, storage, and loading of containers. The Port of Bari contains some 35 hectares of storage space for goods and vehicles.

With direct connections to both rail and highway networks, the Port of Bari has easy access to the industrial, agricultural, and commercial hinterland in southern Italy. It continues to be one of the region's most important commercial ports for reaching the markets of the Balkan peninsula and the markets of the Middle East.

The Port of Bari is separated by only 200 kilometers from the Balkan peninsula, linking it to a potential market of some 70 million consumers in Croatia, the Yugoslav Federation, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova, and European Turkey.

The Port of Bari provides a wide range of services that include maritime news and information, pilot services, moorage, railway siding of single- or double-track rails for all platforms, water supply, bunkering, ship repair, and disposal of bilge water.

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