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The Port of Ashdod handled 16.2 million tons of cargo in 2007 and 808.7 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. In 2005, the first fully-computerized container port was opened at the Port of Ashdod. This modern deep-water port includes an 1150-meter extension to its main breakwater and 1.7 thousand meters of new quays with alongside depths up to 15.5 meters. A new rail terminal will soon provide for greater access between the Port of Ashdod and nearby industrial and commercial centers.

The Ashdod Port Company manages and operates the Port of Ashdod. The company’s goal is to focus on the needs of the Port’s customers. Making significant investments in the coming years, the Port of Ashdod will add state-of-the-art technology, expand the workforce, develop new docks, and enhance customer services to reduce waiting times and increase outputs. The company is also expanding the passenger terminal at the Port of Ashdod.

The Port of Ashdod’s surrounding area contains warehouses, a grain silo, cold storage, container cleaning and repair services, and an office complex. The Port of Ashdod has one of the world’s most advanced terminal operating systems and automated equipment and facilities. Furthermore, the Port of Ashdod has a goal of protecting the environmental quality of the sea, the beaches, and the air.

Three piers in the southern part of the Port of Ashdod support bulk and liquid cargoes with fully-computerized systems. Most of Israel’s mineral exports to Europe and America pass through these piers.

Operating 24 hours a day, the Port of Ashdod’s bulk facility warehouses have capacity for about a million tons of cargoes, and it includes acid tanks and a pool. The bulk facility has two piers for potash and phosphates and four piers for handling acid.

These minerals arrive at the Port of Ashdod by train, and ships are loaded and unloaded by computer-controlled systems. On Piers 11 and 12, three cranes with dust suppressors load and unload ships. The facility has capacity to move up to four million tons a year. Both the acid tanks and the acid pool have capacity for 25 thousand tons. Alongside depth at the Port of Ashdod’s Pier 11 is 11.5 meters, and it is 12.5 meters at Pier 12. The piers can handle up to four ships ranging from 2000 to 6000 tons at one time. 

The Port of Ashdod also serves cruise ships and tourists at a new modern terminal. The Blue Marina is located near the city center in the midst of the beaches. With berths for almost 550 vessels, the marina is attracting the development of promenades, hotels, and restaurants at the waterfront.

In 2007, the Port of Ashdod handled 16.2 thousand tons of cargo, including 7.6 thousand tons of containerized cargo in 808.7 thousand TEUs, 3.0 thousand tons of bulk cargo, and 2.5 thousand tons of general cargo.

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