Port of Foynes
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The Port of Foynes was first surveyed in 1837. Today, the Shannon Foynes Port Company operates this important deep-water port and the Limerick Docks. It is likely that the Port of Foynes will receive more of Limerick’s traffic over time because the port areas in Limerick are being redeveloped as commercial and residential properties. While there is a railway line between the two cities, it is not operating, so the Port of Foynes marine cargoes are served by the nation’s road networks.

The Port of Foynes can be reached in less than two hours from the mouth of the Shannon Estuary. The multi-modal facility offers deep-water berths with alongside depths of at least 11.7 meters. It can accommodate vessels to 194 meters long and up to 200 thousand DWT.

The Shannon Foynes Port Company controls navigation, assures marine safety, and provides warehousing, logistics, and cargo-handling services in the Port of Foynes. The company operates six dedicated terminals o the Shannon Estuary.

The Port of Foynes is the deep-water facility serving all types of cargo and offering ample land and storage areas. The Limerick Docks, about 100 kilometers inland on the Shannon Estuary, serve general cargoes and passengers. Facilities include four dedicated terminals. The Shannon Airport contains an aviation fuels terminal. Moneypoint offers a modern coal facility. Tarbert Island supports heavy fuel cargoes, and Aughinish serves imports and exports of bauxite and alumina.

Three jetties at the Port of Foynes are a total of 757 meters long. The West jetty is 271 meters long, the East jetty is 295 meters long, and the Tanker jetty is 91 meters long. All of the jetties offer alongside depth of 10.5 meters. The facilities include 12.1 thousand square meters of warehousing, including almost 7 thousand square meters of new bulk storage.

Additional storage for cargo through the Port of Foynes is available through Argosea Services (3.7 thousand square meters) and Foynes Engineering Ltd. (3.7 thousand square meters). Doyle Shipping Group also offers more than 18.5 thousand square meters of warehouse and four hectares of yard storage.

The Port of Foynes’ Shannon facility is dedicated for aviation fuels cargoes. The jetty is 130 meters long with alongside depth of seven meters and can accommodate vessels to 117 meters long. The Moneypoint coal import facility has a 380-meter-long jetty with alongside depth of over 20 meters and can accommodate vessels to 290 meters long. The Tarbert heavy fuel oil import facility’s jetty can accommodate vessels to 250 meters long. The jetty is 317 meters long with alongside depth of 14 meters.

The Aughinish facility is dedicated to handling imports of bauxite and exports of alumina. Its outer jetty is 285 meters long with alongside depth of 12.5 meters and can accommodate vessels to 235 meters long. The inner jetty at Aughinish is 200 meters long with alongside depth of 11 meters, and it can accommodate vessels to 180 meters long.

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