Drogheda Port
Port Commerce

Drogheda Port is one of Ireland’s most important multi-modal ports. With a strategic east coast location and easy access to the country’s road network, it occupies a competitive position for increasing trade with Scandinavian and Eastern European markets. It offers Ireland’s only weekly service to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Drogheda Port Company is a commercial state port handling over 1.4 million tons of cargo and 700 vessel calls a year. The port serves general freight and containers. Cargoes are 75% imports of paper, timber, grains, steel, fertilizers, containers, petroleum, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Exports account for 25% of the cargo and include containers, zinc concentrate, magnesite, and timber.

Drogheda Port has two facilities for handling cargoes: the inner north quays and the Tom Roes Point Terminal, a deep-water container facility about five kilometers from the sea that also handles paper and timber. The Tom Roes berth is 160 meters long with alongside depth of six meters. It can accommodate a single vessel of 120 meters or two 100-meter long vessels. The Tom Roes Point Terminal includes about 5.7 hectares of open storage and an 8.4 thousand square meter paper store.

About seven kilometers from the sea, the inner north quay port handles general cargoes dominated by grains, timber, and steel. It contains four berths of a total 430 meters.

Drogheda Port also has a private hydrocarbons facility that can accommodate vessels to 80 meters long with alongside depth of 2.2 meters. The oil terminal can handle 10 thousand cubic meters of oil, and a 1.5 thousand cubic meters of LPG. A private bulk facility handles cement, coal, and magnesite can accommodate two vessels at a 160 meter long berth.

In 2007, Drogheda Port handled over one million tons of cargo on 503 vessels, including 930 thousand tons of imports and 104 thousand tons of exports. Major imports included fertilizers (185.6 thousand tons), grains (171.3 thousand tons), containers (161.5 thousand tons in 15.4 thousand TEUs), and steel (112 thousand tons). Other imports included timber, petroleum, paper, LPG, and general goods. Major exports included magnesite (52.5 thousand tons), containers (37 thousand tons in 14.4 thousand TEUs). Other exports included zinc concentrate, timber, and general goods.

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