Port of Veraval
Port Commerce

The Port of Veraval is a fair-weather lighterage port. Port officials estimate that trade will reach 800 thousand tons by 2010.

The Port of Veraval’s anchorage is located offshore about 1.5 kilometers. Three vessels can be berthed at the same time, plus a small coaster with three meters of draft. The Landing Wharf for unloading fish contains five finger jetties of 60 meters length and five meters width.

The Gujarat Maritime Board is the port authority. The Port of Veraval is primarily used to support fishing, and commercial activities are limited. The port is considering providing separate facilities for commercial and fishing interests to provide more support for commercial activities. Aside from fishing, cement company Gujarat Sid is located in the Port of Veraval.

The Port of Veraval has connections to the nation’s rail and highway networks. Commercial vessels visiting the port carry exports of oil cakes, onions, fish, lime stone and powder, cement, and soda ash. They also carry imports of wood pulp, fertilizers, food trains, coal and coke, and pig iron.

The modern Port of Veraval can accommodate 800 fishing boats comfortably; however, four thousand boats anchor there regularly.

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