Port of Porbandar
Port Commerce

The Gujarat Maritime Board is the governing authority for the port. The Port of Porbandar is open in all weather conditions, and it has direct berthing facilities. Today, the port has capacity to handle 1.3 million tons of cargo, but port managers expect traffic to increase to 3.3 million tons by 2010.

The port is protected by a 2650 meter breakwater. The Port of Porbandar offers about two kilometers of anchorage with depths from 9.5 meters at the jetties to 15 meters at the anchor points. To the southeast of the lighthouses, offshore anchorage at a depth of more than ten meters.

The Port of Porbandar has a wharf for steamers of a total 385 meters long with alongside depth of 9.5 meters. The Gujarat Maritime Board controls 235 meters of that wharf, and 150 meters is controlled by private interests. The 160-meter RCC Jetty is used by India’s Navy. The port also contains a 241.2 thousand square meter dockside warehouse (go-down facility).

The Port of Porbandar is connected by road and rail to the national transportation networks, and there is an airport in the city.

Primary imports handled by the Port of Porbandar include coal, liquefied petroleum gas, and fertilizers. The port handles a wide variety of exports including oil cakes, HPS, groundnuts, salt, raw cotton, onions, fruits, clay, bauxite, cement and clinker, chemicals, building materials, and reefer cargo.

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