Port of Mormugao
Port Commerce

The Port of Mormugao has a 250-meter wide channel that is 5.2 kilometers long in the Outer Channel and 2.3 kilometers long in the Inner Channel. Channel depths range from 13.1 to 14.4 meters.

The Port of Mormugao continues to be India’s leading iron ore exporting port, with over 27.3 million tons of ore exported in the 2007-2008 shipping year, primarily to Japan, China, Korea, and Europe. The port handled a total of 35.1 million tons of cargo in 2007-2008, representing 7% of the traffic handled by India’s 12 Major Ports.

The Port of Mormugao exported more than 16 million tons of cargo in the 2007-2008 shipping year, including 7.2 million tons of POL products (MRPL), 6.8 million tons of iron ore fines/lumps, and two million tons of iron ore pellets. Exports in containers totaled 5.0 thousand TEUs and 68.3 thousand tons. Containerized exports included 1.6 thousand TEUs (carrying 20 thousand tons) of frozen fish, 417 TEUs (with 10.6 thousand tons) of brass strips, and a wide range of other cargoes including iron castings, gherkins, components for industrial water treatment, aluminum, glass fiber, cashew kernels, zinc oxide, and pig iron.

In the 2007-2008 shipping year, the Port of Mormugao imported over 19.6 million tons of cargoImports were dominated by 12.8 million tons of POL Crude. Other imports included coal (1.7 million tons), liquefied petroleum gas (1.4 million tons), and fertilizer (830 thousand tons). Other imports included limestone, cement, timber, and general cargo.

 and an additional 5.7 thousand TEUs (carrying 66.4 thousand tons) of containerized cargo, including 1.6 thousand TEUs of frozen fish (20 thousand tons) and 417 TEUs of bass strips (10.6 thousand tons). Containerized cargo imports included 3.2 thousand TEUs (carrying 40.0 thousand tons) of general cargo; 325 TEUs of copper scrap, cables, and cathodes (carrying 5.1 thousand tons), and 413 TEUs (carrying 3.4 thousand tons) of photographic materials. Other containerized cargoes included computer parts, potassium carbonate, electronic components, microwave ovens, toileteries, and a host of other goods.

During the financial year 2007-2008 the port handled a traffic of 35.13 million tonnes which is 7% of the total traffic of 519.24 million tonnes handled by all the twelve major ports of India. The traffic during the year consisted of 27.33 millions tonnes of iron ore including iron ore pellets , 5.29 millions tonnes of coal/coke and 1.41 million tonnes of petroleum products and other liquid cargo. The remaining traffic consisted of cargoes like fertilizer, alumina, limestone, containerized cargo, H.R. Steel coil & Steel slabs. The Mechanical Ore Handling Plant loaded 10.31 million tonnes of iron ore. The general cargo traffic was 6.26 million tonnes. A quantity of 134,721 tonnes of containerized cargo was also handled at the port during the period.

The Port of Mormugao also contains a major complex for ship repairs. With dry dock facilities operated by M/s. Western India Shipyard Ltd, the floating dry dock is 15 thousand TLC and can accommodate vessels to 215 meters long and 60 thousand DWT. There are also facilities for afloat repairs, chipping, cleaning, and painting by specialist firms in the Port of Mormugao.

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