Port of Mandvi
Port Commerce

The Port of Mandvi is a fair-weather lighterage port with current capacity to handle 300 thousand tons of cargo. A 245-meter-long wharf with alongside depths from 2.5 to 3 meters is available for sailing vessels and light load vessels to load and unload. The anchorage location is about two kilometers south of the Albert Edward breakwater near the Rawal Pir Lighthouse, where the depth is ten meters. Further offshore, vessels with larger draft can anchor.

The Port of Mandvi also has a 120-meter-long wharf at Ahsapura Minechem (local producer) for handling bentonite and for salt. The port maintains 16 barges for its lighterage operations and a tugboat. The Port of Mandvi contains about 780 square meters of warehouse and open storage.

The Port of Mandvi is connected to India’s coastal highway network and its railway system. Major imports include general cargo, fertilizer, dates, and building materials. Major exports include general cargo, clay, bentonite, salt, oil cakes, and cotton seeds.

While the modern Port of Mandvi is not as busy as it was in early times, its ship-building yard is busy producing small country vessels that run regularly between Gujarat’s coast and Gulf countries.

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