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The Kandla Port Trust, under India's Ministry of Commerce, is responsible for managing and operating the Port of Kandla. Since its creation in 1963, the Trust has established an impressive history of successes that make it a major contributor to the country's international trade and the national economy.

The ultimate goal of the Kandla Port Trust is to make the Port of Kandla Asia's dominating global logistics hub by making it the most economical modern port in the region offering high-quality and cost-effective services to its customers. Among the Trust's strategic objectives is creating facilities that exceed international standards and offer fast turn-around times for vessels, maintaining a well-trained up-to-date workforce, protecting the environment, and contributing to the society at large.

In the 2006-2007 shipping season, the Port of Kandla set a new record, handling almost 53 million tons of cargo. In the 2005-2006 shipping season, total foreign trade was 40.8 million tons, including 31.6 million tons of imports and 9.2 million tons of exports. Of that total, liquid cargoes dominated (27 million metric tons) and bulk cargoes were significant (8.1 million metric tons). In 2005-2006, the Port of Kandla also handled 4.3 million metric tons of breakbulk and 2.1 million metric tons of containerized cargoes.

The Port of Kandla is open year-round, protected from weather and winds by its location at the head of the Gulf of Kachchh. The Port of Kandla has capacity to handle 24 thousand metric tons of dry cargo per day.

Today, the Port of Kandla offers maximum permissible draught of 12 meters, but projects are underway to deepen the port to 14 meters. Today, the Port of Kandla can accommodate ships up to 240 meters in length and 65 thousand DWT.

The Port of Kandla offers a huge anchorage area for vessels waiting to enter the port and for lighterage services in the outer harbor. The Port of Kandla's navigation channel is marked with 22 lighted navigational buoys, and a light house also assists navigation.

The Port of Kandla offers 12 dry cargo berths with a total quay length of 2532 meters. It also operates six oil jetties, one deep-draught mooring, and four cargo moorings in the inner harbor. The Port of Kandla contains 253 hectares within its custom bonded area.

The Port of Kandla's Chemical and Liquid Handling Complex has total storage capacity for 21.9 Lakh kiloliters. Private sector storage terminals have capacity for 9.8 Lakh kiloliters. The Port of Kandla has the largest capacity in India for storing liquid cargoes, and it is served by a modern pipeline network. The storage facility for liquefied petroleum gas has capacity for 30 thousand cubic meters.

Within the bonded custom area, the Port of Kandla offers outstanding facilities for storing dry cargoes. The Port of Kandla's container handling facilities include 545 meters of quays equipped with four rail-mounted quay cranes and two harbor mobile cranes. The container facilities include an almost 11-hectare container yard, a 6.5 thousand square meter container freight station, and 90 reefer points for refrigerated containers.

The Port of Kandla is connected to its hinterland by the four-lane national highway, and it is served by a fully-developed network of roads within and around the port to facilitate cargo-handling. It is also linked to the nation's rail network, and the Port of Kandla is about 17 kilometers from the Kandla Airport.

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