Port of Bedi Bunder
Port Commerce

The Gujarat Maritime Board is the port authority for the Port of Bedi Bunder. The Board is responsible for managing the port potential of the 1600 kilometers of coastline in Gujarat, to develop ports and port infrastructure, to connect ports to rail and road networks, to promote international trade, and to support port-based industries.

The anchorage at the Port of Bedi Bunder is 11 kilometers away from the port. The port is equipped to accommodate up to 17 vessels at one time from October to June and 13 vessels at once during monsoon season from June to October. Ships can request pilot services from the Pirotan lighthouse to the Rozi anchorage about seven miles from the Port of Bedi Bunder.

Major commodities handled by the Port of Bedi Bunder include the import of coal and fertilizers and the export of soya bean, rape seed extracts, ground nut extracts, petroleum coke, and bauxite. The Port of Bedi Bunder handles about four million of cargo a year at present, but planned expansions will bring that volume to 7.8 million tons per year.

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