Port of Jambi
Port Commerce

The Port of Jambi (also known as the Port of Talang Duku) is the capital and the shipping and commercial center of Jambi province. Indonesia Port Corporation II (Indonesian) is the port authority responsible for facilitating traffic and handling of cargoes, maintaining port facilities, and supporting commercial activities within the port.

The Port of Jambi is also a hub for the province’s network of roads and an important trade center in a region where oil, rubber, timber, rice, and rattan are produced. It is also a center for import of many cargoes. Consumer goods imported through the Port of Jambi include milk, fish, soy beans, vegetables, sugar, soft drinks, tires, and carpets. Industrial raw materials that are brought to the province through the Port of Jambi include melamin powder, industrial flour and salt, alcohol, phenol, sodium sulfate, sodium chlorate, and parts for industrial equipment.

In 2007, 75% of all imports through the Port of Jambi were for industry. Imports originated in countries outside Asia like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Austria, Belgium, Italy, and Germany. Imports from Asian countries came from China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

In 2000, the Port of Jambi exported over 1.1 million tons of cargo, with agricultural exports dominating. Plantation-generated exports included rubber, cinnamon, palm oil, and coconuts. Exported forest products included plywood, sawed wood, block board, and pulp. Outside agricultural exports, the Port of Jambi exported minerals like limestone, gold, coal, granite, marble, obsidian, quartz, bentonit, and kaolin.

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