Port of Jakarta
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The Port of Jakarta is the biggest seaport in Indonesia and one of the biggest in the Java Sea region. With annual capacity for about 45 million tons of cargo and four million TEUs of containerized cargo, the Port of Jakarta is a major employer with over 18 thousand workers.

In 2007, over 17.8 thousand vessels carried a total of almost 42 million tons of cargo and 3.7 million TEUs of containerized cargoes through the Port of Jakarta. This total included 10.5 million tons of containerized goods in 3.7 million TEUs, 8.2 million tons of liquid bulk cargo, 7.9 million tons of general cargo, 8.2 million tons of dry bulk cargo, and 1.8 million tons of bag cargo. The Port of Jakarta also welcomed more than 438 thousand passengers in 2007.

The Port of Jakarta's Container Port (JCP) is the largest container terminal in Indonesia and the country's national hub port. The August 2004 Indonesian Commercial Newsletter announced that Indonesia would employ Japanese technology to build a new port in Jakarta. Recognizing that Jakarta's traditional port, Tanjung Priok had not seen improvements for 150 years, the new Port of Jakarta (Djakarta) would help meet the growing demands of import and export traffic.

The Port of Jakarta contains twenty terminals devoted to general, dry bulk, liquid bulk, and containerized cargoes. Specialized terminals handle oil, chemicals, scrap, and passengers. The Port of Jakarta has quays of a total 16.8 thousand square meters in length with 76 berths. The Port of Jakarta also contains storage areas of 661.8 thousand square meters with capacity to store over 401.4 thousand tons of cargo.

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